Medieval Fantasy Fair

The next Medieval Fantasy Fair will be in February 2014

A dream goes into the second round!! Together with the 10th anniversary of Medieval Fantasy Hunt.
The organisers of the Medieval Fantasy Hunt always wanted to set up a fair following their Guidelines. The planning and designing of the first fair was so much fun and in the words of some of our long time Shop-owners it was a bigger success than we all dared to dream of.
Thus keeping a long story short, we are planning for the Medieval Fantasy Fair II "Circus". This time we would like to take you on a journey to a medieval circus
More Information coming soon.
Are you an artist ???   If you feel, you'd like to join the event, don't hesitate and contact us.
We hope to see you all there


Dear Hunters and Medieval Fantasy enthusiasts

The medieval fantasy fair has opened its doors and welcomes you all. Situated on 5 themed islands, over 40 esteemed Merchants have set up shop and are showing some of their amazing creations.

Many thanks to our sponsors for the time they invested in creating a scenery well worth seeing. Even Linden Lab found it worth mentioning in the Destination Guide. Come for a Sunday stroll or even just window shopping.
The creators have sponsored amazing gifts, once again, that can be found in the treasure cave..... you have to survive the Cave Maze first though.

Wishing you all a wonderful week the Medieval Fantasy Orga Team

Some impressions from the fair:

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