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Hosted by Creators of Fantasy

05. - 31.01.2014

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#1  *United Inshcon* / Eldowyn Inshan
in a lake, under a old boat you will find it

#2  MTC Designs / Mischa Tchailenov
 I Love Being On Display

#3   D&T Design / Davidj Bade  
Near the outfit that makes you think of kissing at Christmas

#4  Fantasy China / Alial Allen  
 i swim in the sea and have the name of leopard

#5  Feyline Fashions / FeydaAnn Ferryhill 
Customarily, it goes on a shelf

#6  Never Totally Dead....  / Bluesean Yiyuan 
A Poetic thing hide your gift.

#7  OUT

#8  -=[ Ais Ink Tattoo ]=-  / Aischa Akina
If you happen to find spring flowers, the owl is close.

#9  ~XM~ Designs  / XMarieX Fairport

#10  An Lema / AelKennyr Rhiano
I see all, hear all from where I am.  See if you can spot me from above if you can.

#11 RUATHYM  Trinoma  + The Hell (RP-Realm) /Storm Lacrima and Therwakee Toman
The Hell: Turn immediately right, follow the path curling through the woods and search for the farmstead, to scoop some water there.

#12 ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ and *Independent Objects*
       Susan Independent and Sweetgwendoline Bailey
1. Into the forest and up up high,just look around but don`t try to fly
2. Down on the ground with both feet in the mud, just search for a small wooden hut 

#13  RVi Design / Roshy Aura
"Once upon a dark time... Hibou the Owl got lost deep into the fairy woods, searching for the everlasting wisdom... and his brother"

#14  BlueMoon enterprise / SolasNaGealai 
You have two gifts with in your reach, take a walk in the snow along the thoroughfare, and by the tree the first owl is somewhere. The Second Owl is very wise and high in the warm room it does reside, It sits among the parchment books and holds your prize if just you look.

#15  Chaos, Panic, & Disorder / Lilah Munster
Once upon a time I dreamt I was summoned to perform great deeds... then I woke up, and there was nothing put a pile of bills waiting for me."

#16  *Mederia* / Mederia Seerose 
Behind... it's all behind... but don't turn, it could be dangerous!

#17  Gypsy Wolf  / Nikita Schapire 
The vagabonds travel far and near, but how do you think they get there, my dear?

#18  Lilith's Den  / Alrunia Ahn 
The Owl hides behind the Snail. The Snail is the friend of the Owl. Really. Ask them!

#19  LnL Square  / Lizzie Gudkov 
Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint!

#20  Ro!Act Designs / Ariana Monaron
Behind the Jeweled Gates

#21  Alli & Ali Designs / Alice Klinger 
Upstairs hiding behind a blue elf

#22 Isle Of Dee (RP-Realm) / Alrunia Ahn
Round Round Round Down Down Down Round Round Round Red White Red White Red White That easy, huh?

#23  Libby's, Role Play Enhancing Props / Liberty Mynx
winter time in winter City

#24  Goddess Fantasies / Tattoo Lane
Whatz a dryad btw?

#25  *UI* / Poco Seetan
The owl hides behind an initiate's altar

#26  Whatz / Titania Halasy
Tis wise to look Low and High but also behind straw

#27  T R I D E N T Laufey Markstein
cold clear water

#28  MacMoragh and Muse / Fenn MacMoragh and Ainemari Flanagan
for Female "Always I loved Tin toy." For Male "Where is my rope?"

#29  Dwarf  Barbosa Weapons /Agnar Elan
You can find me in the cold, where the wind whispers and ancient stories are told...

#30  LDG / Rekka Whiteberry
A figure hides the gift you seek, the colour of the our blood. A wise one this who hides the gift, is the figure stood? Seek the figure, find the gift, no more hints from me. Look in every  corner, and under every tree.

#31   Bad Katz / Katz Republic
Scripts make the world go round

#32  out

#33   Incendia Outdoors / Lucie Scorbal
Hint is On the Hunt Board at Landing Point

#34  C&N Designs / Thor Vespucciano
Watching you like Poe's raven

#35  SANNA-SCIENCE and ART / Sanna Jupiter
Come visit my Zoo :-))

#36  * GOTHIC'S MUSING * / Gothicmuse
A fairytale for two

#37  OUT

#38  Imagine Flowers and Garden / Laurella Benoir
The enchanted willow glows blue.

#39  [TF] - Tamiron Forge / Tamiron Landar
 "Perfect spot so high above the rest ,I can see everything from my perch"

#40  AW Creations / Alexander Waverider
Follow the sounds of the Bagpipe

#41   [Teri]otrope / Adira Spingflower
How does it taste, the toasted owl?

#42  Favourite Genes / Violette Larkham
How did Captain Whiskers get it way up there?

#43  Kittycat's Creations / Kittycat Ninetails
" I can't decide between booze and grog..think I will steal the wagon and have both!
Good ivy, say to us what birds hast thou? None but the owlet that cries `How, how!'

#44  Amacci / Carina Larsen
LOOK closer.. can you see.. use your eyes!

#45  Virtual Ryukyu / Silverfox Rainbow
Mischief hangs his helm here

#46  OUT

#47  Les sucreries de Fairy / Fairyzette Sahara
You'll fing me in mesh area downstairs women section

#48  :[Even~Tide]: / Eve Gaelyth
Owl Gatcha!

#49  Elegance by Elysa / Elysa Swansong
“Goodnight, Sweetheart, well it’s time to go...”

# 50  Howler Armory / Ludwig sabretooth
near the lights... between the shadows

#51  Suki's Silken Fashions / Suki Syakumi
Sit down and relax, its what your grandmother would have done.

#52  Timeless Textures / Xzavia Yifu
I were to build a FANTASY castle with STONE walls & floors, this is where I'd look first.

#53  Velvet Whip / Reeva Hax
 I was lying comfortably, having dinner, when I felt something behind me...

#54  Lacrime dell'anima / Luluts Resident
Once upon a dark time and a beautiful woman was lost in the woods... she was afraid and cried to be found ...

#55 The Crossing/ Cross Jacob
Look somewhere Monsters might hide.

#56 Decatent Courtesan / vanyi Resident
These human like creatures dance to much, and spend to much.

#57  MD Designs / Men Dinzel
search the herb pots at the garden house